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Internet fraud prevention is the act of stopping various types of internet fraud. Due to the many different ways of committing fraud over the Internet, such as stolen credit cards, identity theft, phishing, and chargebacks, users of the Internet, including online merchants, financial institutions and consumers who make online purchases, must make sure to avoid or minimize the risk of falling prey to such scams.

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of a credit card to make a transaction. This fraud can range from using the credit card to obtain goods without actually paying, or performing transactions that were not authorized by the card holder. Credit card fraud is a serious offense, and punished under the charge of identity theft. The majority of this type of fraud occurs with counterfeit credit cards, or using cards that were lost or stolen. Approximately .01% of all transactions are deemed fraudulent, and approximately 10% of Americans have reported some type of credit card fraud in their lifetimes.

While many systems are in place by the card provider to identify fraud, the card holder is left with the ultimate responsibility. Preemptive steps to reduce chances of fraud include installing anti-virus software, keeping and maintaining current records, and reviewing statements and charges regularly. The objective is to provide a first defense in spotting fraudulent charges.Other safe practices include being cautious of account number distribution, keeping credit cards separate from a wallet or purse, keeping constant sight of credit cards, and never signing receipts with blank spaces above the total. On accounts in which one has saved card information, it is important to have a strong password for your Paystopost®.com Account with a mix of numbers and symbols. Using different passwords for different sites, is also strongly encouraged.

If a card is lost or stolen, the card holder must report it immediately, even if no fraud has been detected yet. Once a card is reported lost or stolen, the card-holder is not responsible for erroneous charges.

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