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Crash on Interstate 5 in California leads to fight, two drivers dying, police say
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Crash on Interstate 5 in California leads to fight, two drivers dying, police say

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Crash on Interstate 5 in California leads to fight, two drivers dying, police say

A traffic collison on Interstate 5 in Northern California early Sunday escalated into a fight between two drivers that led to the deaths of both men, according to police. California Highway Patrol told FOX40 the incident happened at 3:44 a.m. on the highway's northbound lanes near the Del Paso Road exit about 10 miles north of downtown Sacramento, when the drivers collided and drove near the exit where they began to fight. A Message from Promoted video Click to learn more During the altercation, one of the men pulled out a blunt object and beat the other man while in one of the highway traffic lanes, killing him, according to CHP. ďFights on the freeway between angry motorists, whether itís the result of a traffic collision or some sort of road rage type incident, occur quite often," CHP Officer Mike Zerfas told FOX40. "Usually not in the middle of the lanes like it happened here." Interstate 5 fight One of the drivers involved in the deadly brawl was struck and killed by a vehicle after killing another motorist on Interstate 5. (FOX40) After the fight, the suspect walked away in the middle of Interstate 5 where he was then struck and killed by another vehicle. The driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene and was cooperating with investigators. Neither of the dead men was immediately identified. NEW YORK CITY TAXI DRIVER ARRESTED FOLLOWING ROAD RAGE FIGHT CAPTURED ON VIDEO View image on Twitter View image on Twitter Jessica Mensch ? @Jessmensch Stretch of I-5 is shutdown while CHP investigates 2 deaths. According to CHP, 2 drivers collided early this morning. They then got into a physical fight that killed one of the drivers. The suspect was then walking on the freeway & was hit & killed by another car, CHP says @FOX40 2:13 PM - Aug 12, 2018 248 200 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy The incident closed the highway for several hours as authorities investigated. Zerfas told FOX40 the whole situation could have been avoided if the drivers simply contacted police when the collison happened. ďIf youíre involved in a traffic collision call 911, report the incident and let officers come out to the scene," he said. "And if thereís any type of conflict between the involved motorists thatís for us to handle."


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