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Thomas Markle, Meghans father, is now comparing the royal family to Scientologists
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Thomas Markle, Meghans father, is now comparing the royal family to Scientologists

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Thomas Markle, Meghans father, is now comparing the royal family to Scientologists

Another day, another unfortunate interview with Meghan Markles dad. Ever since the royal wedding, Thomas Markle has been giving interviews to various media outlets, talking about how hes not in touch with his daughter. This week, Thomas Markle told U.K. outlet the Sun that he believes the royal family operates ôlike Scientologists.ö ôThey are either like Scientologists or the Stepford family,ö Thomas Markle told theáSun, referring to the royals. ôIf they hear anybody say anything, they just lock the doors. They need to speak up! They are cult-like Ś like Scientology Ś because they are secretive.ö Obviously, Markles description is more than a bit of a stretch. Its one thing for the royal family to keep things private, but that doesnt mean theyre ôcult-like.ö (For the record, the Church of Scientology maintains that it isnt a cult.) Markle told theáSunáhe has no way of contacting his daughter. ôI would like my relationship with Meghan to be like father and daughter, like weve always been,ö he told theáSunáthis week. He also told the outlet that if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a child, he wants to be there as the babys grandfather. Markles conversations with theáSun this week are only the latest in a string of interviews he has given in the past few months. He hasnt been secretive about the fact that hes not in touch with his daughter, and has been pretty critical of the royal family. Last month, Thomas Markle gave the Daily Mail a nine-hour interview, during which he said that Princess Diana ôwasnt perfect.ö ôPrincess Diana is credited with changing the royal family, but she wasnt perfect. She was still very much one of them,ö Markle told the Daily Mail in July. ôI think Meghans the one wholl bring them into the 21st century, if theyll let her.ö In a separate interview with theáSun last month, Thomas Markle said he thought his daughter was ôunder too much pressureö from the royal family. ôIt really worries me. I think shes under too much pressure,ö Markle told theáSun. ôTheres a high price to pay to be married to that family.ö Based on his recent comments, it doesnt look like Thomas Markle has any plans to stop giving interviews Ś and presumably embarrassing his daughter Ś anytime soon. Fortunately, Meghan Markles relationship with her mom seems to be much better. Doria Ragland is reportedly moving to England to be closer to her daughter, and she could be living in London as soon as next month. So even though it doesnt seem the drama with Thomas Markle will stop anytime soon, the duchess still has one parent she can rely on for support.


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