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Subway Got Too Big Franchisees Paid a Price.
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Subway Got Too Big Franchisees Paid a Price.

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Subway Got Too Big Franchisees Paid a Price.

Sabotaged meatballs. The wrong soap. Franchisees say supervisors manipulated inspections then took their stores. A company hit man says its true. Manoj Tripathi could not shake the feeling that someone had a vendetta against his Subway sandwich shop. A franchisee for nearly two decades, he had done everything he could to keep his restaurant, in a strip mall in Northern California, in perfect condition. But lately it seemed like someone was out to get him. It was the middle of 2017, and inspectors sent by Subways regional manager were finding a new problem to cite each month: a handprint on the glass door, the wrong brand of bathroom soap, cucumber slices that were too thick, he said. They seemed to be little things, but with each write-up, Mr. Tripathiís grip on his store weakened. If he racked up enough infractions, Subway could terminate his contract and take control of the business. When an inspector named Rebecca Husler arrived one day that September, Mr. Tripathi thought his restaurant was pristine. Then he noticed that a single light fixture needed a new bulb. Mr. Tripathi rushed out to buy a replacement, but by the time he returned, Ms. Husler had marked it as a violation. A year later, just as he feared, he lost the Subway.


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