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Politics Rudy Giuliani Stuns NBCs Chuck Todd: Truth Isnt Truth

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Politics Rudy Giuliani Stuns NBCs Chuck Todd: Truth Isnt Truth

Another day, another Trump aide gaslighting the American public. The latest: Rudy Giulianis declaration Sunday that "truth isnt truth," which is mind-numbingly WTF and yet somehow perfect for our post-"fake news" era. Speaking to Chuck Todd on NBCs Meet the Press, President Donald Trumps lawyer was attempting to explain why his client hasnt spoken with the special counsels office regarding its probe into Russias involvement in the 2016 election, citing fears that the president may get "trapped into perjury."  "When you tell me that, you know, he should testify because hes gonna tell the truth and he shouldnt worry, well thats so silly because its somebodys version of the truth, not the truth," Giuliani said. "Truth is truth," Todd interjected. "No, it isnt truth. Truth isnt truth," Giuliani retorted. In addition to somehow topping Kellyanne Conways infamous "alternative facts" statement (which, coincidentally, also happened in a Meet the Press interview), the comment is also the perfect phrase to describe whats unfolded on the internet over the last year.  Trump, who has long attacked media with whom he disagrees as "fake news," has recently taken to describing journalists as the "enemy of the people."  Giulianis comments serve as a timely reminder that not only does the Trump Administration like to single out journalists — it also has zero interest in actual facts. All this, it seems, was not lost on Todd, who was clearly taken aback by the comment. He visibly cringed and covered his face in exasperation, appearing to be at a loss for words. "This is going to be a bad meme," he said.


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