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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper takes odd jab at Trump, supports NFL players

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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper takes odd jab at Trump, supports NFL players

The Carolina Panthers new owner bizarrely referred to President Trump only as "a red-headed guy in D.C." during a Thursday interview where he voiced his full-throated support for players who kneel during the national anthem. Billionaire businessman David Tepper, who bought the team from Jerry Richardson in May, addressed the players protest during an interview with CNBC. Actress Kate Mara, who is also the great-granddaughter of Giants founder Tim Mara and Steelers founder Art Rooney recently showed her support for NFL players who have decided to kneel during the national anthem. Video Kate Mara supports NFL players who kneel during national anthem A Message from iShares by BlackRock Why ETFs? Why are ETFs so popular with investors? Learn about the potential cost savings and tax benefits of ETFs that may help investors get ahead. “These are some of the most patriotic people and best people,” Tepper said. “These are great young men. So to say that [they arent patriotic] makes me so aggravated and angry. Its just wrong, its dead wrong.” Teppers pushback appeared largely aimed at Trump, who has been critical of the NFLs handling of on-field demonstrations during the playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner." The protests, designed to raise awareness about perceived police brutality and racial injustice, started with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and spread around the league. But Tepper said all Trump has done is kept the protests in the news. “Were talking about it? I wasnt talking about it," Tepper said. “Theres a red-headed guy in D.C. that likes to talk about it, but I dont want to mention his name.” President Trump speaks out about the NFLs national anthem controversy at Ohio Republican Party State Dinner. Video Trump hits CBS, ESPN over not airing national anthem He appeared to be referring to Trump, though the president does not have red hair. RED SOX MANAGER ALEX CORA BLASTS TRUMP TWEETS ON PUERTO RICO DEATH TOLL, CALLS THEM DISRESPECTFUL Tepper said the protests were about “justice for all.” "Its the Pledge of Allegiance, one of the most patriotic things you can do. Its about justice for all,” he said. “Now listen, everybodys standing this season, because I think people understand that its what you do in the community, its what you do out here." Tepper said the league could do a better job of highlighting the good things NFL players do in their communities. “Youve got a lot of people that do a lot of good things. So I think maybe the league could do more. Maybe they can maybe they cant, saying how much good the players do," Tepper said. "Get that message out more."


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